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Psychic Investigations

I have always had an interest in crime and my first ever case in 2004 brought comfort to a family whose daughter had been sadly murdered here in Ireland. The case was to be a major turning point in my own life. 
I have a diploma in Criminal Psychology and use all of my psychic and mediumship abilities, mixed with common sense to assist in gathering as much data as I can in assisting in a wide variety of situations. I have actively worked on missing people, missing animals, homicide, suspicious fires, criminal activity and insurance fraud cases.

Even before you make contact with me, the energies around your case are working to bring us together. When you send me your first request via the contact form to assist with a case, I review the energy blind to ensure I can be of value to the case. Working blind means there is no distractions from external sources and allows me to focus solely on accessing the highest possible truth.
A case could take 3 days, it could run for 3 months and may come in layers. No two cases will be the same. I document all my finds and store them safely, providing you with any potential leads and insights to assist you. We may be required to connect via my private conference area. You will be asked to verify your relationship to the case, as this is crucial in whether I will accept it.

It's vital I know nothing about a case, to ensure clear uncontaminated information to come through. If it's a missing person or confirmed homicide case, I will ask for a recent photograph to assist me in making a connection. A photo is not compulsory for making a connection but only an aid. Cases can be worked remotely if for any reason it's not possible to go directly to the location. I work in stages and gather all my data to compile a final report.   

Cases are conducted at no cost. Should you require a location visit, only actual expenses such as travel and accommodation are asked. 

Photo By Walter Leonard
Criminal Profiling

When asked for assistance in this area, I connect with the suspect on a soul level and scan their visual appearance, age range, personality, lifestyle, the motive for crime amongst any other helpful leads. These leads can be used to minimize the workload of law enforcement. I occasionally may feel the energy come through in drawing format, but my drawing skills are limited. 

Again I cannot predetermine a time frame and work with exactly what my spirit team provides me with. All my findings are documented and this work can be conducted remotely. To request the profiling of a criminal, information given should be very brief and your required to be a member of law enforcement. he intense energies that flow when assessing a possible suspect of a crime, can really help formulate a clear image of who we are dealing with.

Site Investigations

Working directly at the scene of a crime has many advantages. I can track energy more easily. Understand the emotional charges behind the crime. See more clearly what happened and also at times see what happened after the crime occurred. 

This avenue of work is open to a direct relation of the persons involved and law enforcement. It is an area where additional costs may be involved. Costs such as transport and accommodation. I have been known to draw maps (rough sketches) intuitively of crime scenes.

I also can assist in historical building assessments, if your wanting to know the history of a building or a specific connection needs to be made in relation to its occupancy.

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