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International Spiritual Medium,  Mentor & Teacher 
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Private Readings

Dawn offers a limited number of private readings each month. These readings are held in person, online and by appointment only.

General Reading
A mediumship reading allows Dawn to bridge this world and the next to provide evidence that your loved one is safe and well in the Spirit World. These readings are gentle and often a comfort for those who have been bereaved. Allow up to 45 minutes for this reading. 
A general open reading allows Dawn to get to know you and assess the various aspects of your life that needs your attention. You will be guided by Dawns Spirit Team where positive suggestions to aid your growth may be recommended. Allow up to 90 minutes for this reading.
Trance Reading
Spiritual Gifts Mentoring 
Under a controlled state of Trance, your loved one or a spirit guide may communicate with you. You may ask questions to aid your personal life or spiritual development. Please allow up to 45 minutes for this reading.
Dawn will energetically assess your soul plan to establish where your dominant gifts lie and together with the love and support of her Spirit Team you will get a clear map of the road ahead in terms of your development. Allow up to 90 minutes for this reading.