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International Spiritual Medium,  Mentor & Teacher 
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Some of Dawn's clients, event and workshop attendees
share their thoughts about her work.
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  1. Jackie Keane
    I had the most amazing evening Dawn. Thank you so much for letting me speak to my two dads. Meant so much to me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
  2. Kathryn Gavaghan
    Thank you so much for a great night. You are an amazing lady. Keep up your good work. Delighted to chat with my dad.
  3. Jack Morahan
    At first I felt weary about this experience but once I heard Dawn and the spirits speaking and the glass moving, I ma pretty convinced this is real.
  4. Pam Mullins
    I got a reading of Dawn and as always she was spot on with everything. She has an amazing gift. I also did one of her classes and it was excellent. Great teacher and learned a huge amount.
  5. Nora Joyce
    I have just completed my course with Dawn for physic and mediumship a journey that has been amazing. The knowledge that Dawn has is wonderful and she was a fantastic teacher
  6. Kate Kennedy
    I just received the most amazing message from this very gifted lady it was spot on I would highly recommend her.
  7. Bridget Conroy
    I just received the most amazing message from this very gifted lady it was spot on I would highly recommend her.
  8. Theresa Gallagher
    I just had my very first experience with dawn who is a psychic/medium...this woman is unbelievable she blew me away on what she was able to tell me and also what she told me about my mum.
  9. Lina Clarke
    I've been blessed to connect with Dawn. What an amazing insight she has given me and some real things to work on.
  10. Sharon McGonagle
    Had a wonderful reading from Dawn. So much made sense.Great energy and had a lovely insight from Dawn.Thank you.
  11. Charlie Patterson
    Great gift Dawn...dont ever stop what your doing! I was shocked at how much you knew about me without any help. Really helped me sort my head out.
  12. Ranjani Krishnan
    ​I love your energy and I hope to maintain to hold this burst of positive energy that I have received today. You are absolutely tuned in.
  13. Kayleigh Meenan
    Thank you so much for bringing my granny through last night every thing was correct from how she died to things that are happening now.
  14. Emer McL
    I have received lovely comforting messages on 2 occasions from her.I have attended 2 of her evenings and thoroughly enjoyed both.Dawn has a lovely gentle way of communicating and her music is a beautiful addition.
  15. Shona Golden
    Wow. What a medium and what a tutor. Attended dawns psychic detective course. so well delivered. practical, organised, flowing, yet allowing me to build on my own abilities, while giving me skills and making me so much more aware. highly recommended Dawn in every way.
  16. Geraldine Friel
    I brought a photograph of my brother and a glove belonging to him.The evidence of communication was 100 percent accurate and I could validate everything she said .Dawn then did a trance session which was amazing to be part of and witness and communicate directly with my brother.
  17. Linda Kennedy
    An amazing lady, and would recommend Dawn as the best spiritual medium I have even came across.
  18. Stacey Brooks
    Absolutely wonderful bringing my partner back for a chat it was beautiful thank you so much dawn.
  19. Keith Tracey Maughan
    I had a reading done with Dawn she was spot on with everything she told I would highly recommend her she is a lovely person ❤ great medium
  20. Marina Maughan
    Dawn is an Absolute treasure so down to earth when she is talking to you makes you feel so comfortable I had the pleasure of having a reading with Dawn and had some cards with her an absolute lad
  21. Mags Maughan
    I just got card this lady is amazing really spot on thank you so much dawn it was my first time on her free lives.
  22. Denis McDonald
    For me everything Dawn was accurate, she has the angelic touch, and a gift, that is a powerful and positive tool, for humanity, that is deep within us all. a very good person.
  23. Georgina Bamford
    Thank you so much we had a lovely night last night,was so nice to see people getting messages from their love one.We really enjoyed the trance session as it was something we knew very little about.
  24. Charleen Ni Haltain
    Had a great night.. it was great seeing people getting messages from their loved ones cant wait to go again